Session Design Kit  

your assistant in designing sessions for strategic sessions and Agile meetings, brainstorming, workshops and training

Система создания дизайна и сценария продуктивных сессий - быстро, креативно и результативно!

For managers, facilitators, HR, trainers, coaches and consultants

Why people use it

Every Facilitator should have Session Constructor software at their disposal. First of all, the Session Constructor software assists in keeping the structure of the facilitation session in mind. Secondly, when participants wish to explore a theme in more depth, the Session Constructor software is the means by which we can verify whether everything has been taken into consideration or whether further elements should still be added.

Alexander Korkin

Deputy Director, Russian Railways Corporate University, Head of the Corporate Competence Development Centre

The Session Constructor software is a wonderful support to the Facilitator regardless of their experience and abilities. It is also about the speed at which you can create the session model before you as you require, and see in advance the potential complications which may occur.

Anastasia Savelieva

Rostelecom, Head of Professional Development Department

We regularly use the Session Constructor software in our company. The exchange of opinions between colleagues in a structured format for each programme has become the norm for us. We do not stray into the context of the problem or forget about the stages of the process. The software helps prevent any related discussion from descending into chaos.

Victor Gornikh , Co-Founder

I love the Session Constructor software. It allows me to quickly develop strategic sessions, and to select various interesting methodologies from the huge database. It is quick, easy and efficient to use.

Yulia Boitsova

, Practising Facilitator, City of Kazan

Original Approach

This is a unique all-in-one practical software tool for the development of Facilitation Sessions, created by Ludmilla and Alexander Dudorov. Its creation has been based on the professional experience of International Facilitation and Management Experts, and has now become available to you. This software tool allows you to independently incorporate interesting and productive discussions, team activities and events within a managed project format.

Creating a Session

This convenient system, incorporating the use of illustrated inquiry cards, result format outcomes, and session modules and methodologies will allow you to quickly and easily assemble the design of your forthcoming event. The draft design can then be transferred to Programme Table format for further coordination with the client and printing in hard copy format.

Library of Methods

You can choose the most appropriate methodology for the task in hand from the wide range available. The software system will suggest to you within which session modules they can best be employed. This will save you time and also allow you to create the most distinctive and varied facilitation events.

How does it work?

Access to the library of scenarios

You can create your sessions based on the ready-made templates, adapting these to your new project.

Collaborative working.

Having created your new session you have the opportunity to share it for further review and also to work collaboratively on it with your clients and team.

Create your own library.

Create your own methods and scenarios. Clone them and turn into new versions. Share these with your team or publish them on the website.

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People trust us with their sessions

We have been using the Session Design Kit for long. We use it actively. When designing a facilitation session, the Session Design Kit will help you with planning the session stages and offer additional tools for each stage. The Session Design Kit is extremely helpful.

Yulia Kuznetsova

SIBUR Corporate University, Chief Expert, Corporate Learning and Development - Program Design and Running, Internal Trainers Teaching

The Session Design Kit is very useful when you design a session yourself. It’s great that there are many options for each stage of the session and different tasks. It also helps to discuss the event with internal clients.

Irina Petrunina

Bonduelle, Training & Organizational Development Manager

With the Session Design Kit, I can choose the best tools for sessions with different tasks, i.e. setting goals, finding solutions and generating ideas. Just move cards, and, here you go, the session is ready!

Irina Bazhenova

Sberbank, Customer Experience, Voice of the Customer Business Chapter, Customer Care Division

It's great that you can work online with other people. It is very helpful in designing a session with the team and invite the Client to join.

Svetlana Zaichenko

Facilitator, Moscow