Конструктор сессий

Session Design Kit is an algorithm of creating the customized flow of a session or event. Step by step, you can quickly and efficiently design a session or group discussion process choosing the most appropriate stages and methods. You can work together with the team and your client and create the best result!


Log in to the Session Design Kit into your account

Create a new session and enter information about the event

Identify the client request

From the client Request cards, select those that are relevant to your case.

Determine the session results, the outcome you are planning to have at the end

From the result Form cards, select 1-3 card. The results may be both material and emotional

Select Mudules, i.e. stages of the session

There are many various Modules: Preparation, Opening, Assessment, Vision, Challenges, Finding Solutions and Strategic Approach, Action Plan and Closing. You will also find modules for Design Thinking and Agile sessions. Select the Module you need by session type and time.

Select Methods for each module

Each module has a set of the most helpful methods. Go through the methods. Zoom in to read more details. Select for each module. You can add the most frequently used methods to yout favorites.

In the Interactive Board mode, the session is presented as a chart

To finalize the session, zoom in cards, add or remove methods and set the time.

Go to the Table format

Add more details to the session design, i.e. specific questions, methods, people in charge.

Print out the session design in the Solitaire or Table format.

Share the session design with your Client and Team (available for paid subscription plans).

Discuss and edit with your team in the system.

Print out and share the final version.

Every Facilitator should have Session Constructor software at their disposal. First of all, the Session Constructor software assists in keeping the structure of the facilitation session in mind. Secondly, when participants wish to explore a theme in more depth, the Session Constructor software is the means by which we can verify whether everything has been taken into consideration or whether further elements should still be added.

Alexander Korkin, Deputy Director, Russian Railways Corporate University, Head of the Corporate Competence Development Centre

The Session Constructor software is a wonderful support to the Facilitator regardless of their experience and abilities. It is also about the speed at which you can create the session model before you as you require, and see in advance the potential complications which may occur.

Anastasia Savelieva, Rostelecom, Head of Professional Development Department

We regularly use the Session Constructor software in our company. The exchange of opinions between colleagues in a structured format for each programme has become the norm for us. We do not stray into the context of the problem or forget about the stages of the process. The software helps prevent any related discussion from descending into chaos.

Victor Gornikh, Impeltech.ru , Co-Founder

I love the Session Constructor software. It allows me to quickly develop strategic sessions, and to select various interesting methodologies from the huge database. It is quick, easy and efficient to use.

Yulia Boitsova, Practising Facilitator, City of Kazan

We have been using the Session Design Kit for long. We use it actively. When designing a facilitation session, the Session Design Kit will help you with planning the session stages and offer additional tools for each stage. The Session Design Kit is extremely helpful.

Yulia Kuznetsova, SIBUR Corporate University, Chief Expert, Corporate Learning and Development - Program Design and Running, Internal Trainers Teaching

The Session Design Kit is very useful when you design a session yourself. It’s great that there are many options for each stage of the session and different tasks. It also helps to discuss the event with internal clients.

Irina Petrunina, Bonduelle, Training & Organizational Development Manager

With the Session Design Kit, I can choose the best tools for sessions with different tasks, i.e. setting goals, finding solutions and generating ideas. Just move cards, and, here you go, the session is ready!

Irina Bazhenova, Sberbank, Customer Experience, Voice of the Customer Business Chapter, Customer Care Division

It's great that you can work online with other people. It is very helpful in designing a session with the team and invite the Client to join.

Svetlana Zaichenko, Facilitator, Moscow

What will you get with the system?

Access the library of created sessions

You can create your new session based on the ready-made templates in order to use the existing material and adapt it to your new project without difficulty.

Collaborative working

Having created your session plan you have the opportunity not only to share it for review but also to work on it collaboratively. Share your best practices and create your session designs together.

Create your own library of scenarios

Duplicate or copy the draft designs in order to create the new version. Edit the ready-made programmes and keep them in your workspace in order to work on them further. Create your methodologies and share them with colleagues.

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