Cookie Policy for Session Design Kit Service by IMPER Group 28.08.2020 1. Introduction IMPER Group ("IMPER Group" or "we") uses cookies to improve performance when you use our Session Design Kit Service (the "Service") as defined in the User Agreement, and improve your experience. By accessing and continuing to use our Service, you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy. 2. How we use cookies and other similar technologies within the Service or when you use the Service, which includes the website and a session design online service owned by IMPER Group. 2.1 What are cookies and how does IMPER Group use cookies? Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device to have access to the Sites and the Server. They contain information that is collected from your device and sent back to the Site every time you visit it in order to track your actions and preferences. The following types of cookies are used on the Site: Strictly necessary cookies / Technical cookies. These cookies are necessary for the Site to function and for the Service to be provided to you. In addition, they allow IMPER Group to identify your hardware and software, including your browser type. Performance/Analytics cookies. These cookies allow us to identify users, calculate their number and collect information such as your activities on the Site and the Service including information about the web pages you visited and the content you get. Technical cookies. These cookies collect information about how users interact with the Site and/or Service. This allows detecting errors and test new features to improve the performance of the Site and Service. Functional cookies. These cookies allow increasing functionality to make the use of the Service easier, e.g. by keeping your preferences such as the language, location and selected Methods. (Third-party) tracking/ Advertising cookies. These cookies collect information about users, traffic sources, pages visited and advertisement that you see, as well as those by which you clicked on the advertised page. Advertising cookies allow showing you ads you may be interested in based on the analysis of your Personal Data collected. They are also used for statistical and research purposes. 3. How long do cookies last? IMPER Group uses information contained in cookies only for the above purposes. After that the data collected will be stored on your device for the term that may depend on the type of cookie, but not exceeding the time required by the purpose. Then the cookies will be automatically removed from your system. 4. Who else has access to the information contained in cookies? Personal data collected through cookies placed on your device can be transferred to and available to IMPER Group. The use of Personal Data outside the Service for advertising purposes, if any, may be subject to separate user agreements. IMPER Group may also give you an option to refuse personalized advertising, which may be subject to law and rules applicable to such products and offers. When you first visit the Service, your consent to the use of cookies may be requested. If, after you have agreed to the use of cookies, you withdraw, you may do this by removing cookies stored in your browser (usually you can do it in your browser settings. Please see the browser guidelines or site manual by its developer). After that, a request asking for your consent can pop up again, and you may make a different choice. If you refuse cookies, some Service functions may be unavailable to you affecting your ability to use the Site and Service. You can also change your browser settings to accept or decline by default all cookies or cookies from certain sites including the IMPER Group website www. If you have agreed to use cookies on one of the Sites of IMPER Group, we will consider that you have agreed to use cookies on all the Sites of IMPER Group. IMPER Group may also use web beacons (pixel tags) to access cookies, which were placed on your device earlier, for the following purposes: Track your behavior on the Site and when using the Service by accessing and using cookies kept on your device. Collect performance and analytics related to the Site, Service or products and offers by IMPER Group using Internet statistics services (Yandex.Metrica, Google Analytics etc.). 5. Policy update This Policy may be updated. IMPER Group is entitled to make updates at its own discretion, including but not limited to cases where the relevant updates are caused by changes in applicable laws, and if updates are associated with changes in the running of the Site and Service. IMPER Group shall not make significant updates, impose additional burdens or restrictions on your rights established by this Policy without your prior notice. You will be notified of such updates. Relevant notifications may become available on the Site or Service (e.g., as a pop-up window or banner) before such updates take effect, or may be sent to you through other communication channels (e.g., email, if you have shared your Contact details with us). 6.  Questions and suggestions IMPER Group would appreciate your questions and suggestions on the policy compliance and updates. Please use our feedback form at