Конструктор сессий может помочь в решении разного типа задач

How to use the Session Design Kit effectively? Here you will find the examples and descriptions of the main functions to be used to design unique and effective sessions and meetings, individually or with a team

What will you get with the system?

Rich library of methods

The range of proven methodologies is continually expanding. Create your design and programmes according to the various tasks, such as smaller team meetings and larger conferences with a large variety of tasks. It is easy to choose the appropriate methodology.

Quick and convenient system for session design

The visual cards on the interactive whiteboard allow you to reflect on, move about and try different options, and to quickly find the optimal solution. Be flexible in approach and create the best processes.

Collaborative working with the customer and your team

You can work from different locations, in real time or at a time to suit yourself, and with various levels of access. You can add comments, reply and add files, as well as reviewing the previous history.

The Session Design Kit is a wonderful bank of methods and techniques. With its intuitive format and good visualization, you can easily assemble and edit group meeting and discussion designs and agree them with your customer and team. The Session Design Kit will be useful for facilitators, team leaders, managers, business trainers and project team coordinators.

Natalia Mikhailovskaya , “PROFI Agency” Consulting Company

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